Moonrise Kingdom

Movie Poster

It was much to my surprise that my movie date leaned over half way through the film and whispered in my ear 'I don't get it... it's funny? yes?' Particularly when I had just spent the last hour with a big smile on my face... So I did what any reasonable male would do in similar circumstances. Never called her back. But it is now, as I put down these words, that I realize Wes Anderson might invent the kind of humor that speaks in sly remarks and intelligent repartee. After all, this is the gentleman responsible for "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Life Aquatic." Films filled with all kinds of quirky characters that are never obvious to decipher. Perhaps is my European upbringing that allows me to relate to his flavor of sense of humor. In the old country it is rare to have a laugh at someone smashing a pie in your face, a-la-Jim-Carrey. Too obvious. We do it more with combinations of words that require three different explanations and a day to marinade. Neither is better. It just tastes different. With or without my rather attractive yet long-gone companion, Wes Anderson delivered quite the good film. On the surface the story follows the romantic quest of a teen couple determined to come together and run away whether the adults like it or not. Which is a good thing, because the adults seem to be the ones out of touch with things in this Anderson microcosm. The kids are on point, determined, and ready to make all the adult decisions. Which is the humor of the thing. While the adults are always at a loss, indecisive, and in total disarray, specially in their personal lives. The dramatic performances were exacted with such surgical precision that it is obviously directed as such. No human takes their words and emotions to that extreme wax-museum-like delivery. Again, that is the humor of the thing. I found the marriage of music and imagery fantastic. It opens as it ends. The visuals leave no room for mistaken identity. There is always a haunting quality of being trapped inside a doll house within a little kid's story book. A compromise of innocence and seriousness from which to tell a story of painfully contrasting human emotions. The unrelenting honesty of a true heart ache versus the hopeless defeat of a disappointing adult world. Fantastic. One last thing... To the gorgeous girl whose calls I didn't return... Call me back. I found a movie with lots of smashing pies.