Movie Poster

I've been dreading writing this down. Specially when it comes to Pixar. I have loved every single one of their movies. Even Cars. Not that it was their strongest suit. But everywhere else, I always walked out of the movie theater being thankful this company came together. It's one of those you know extra care goes in to make things abnormally special. Not with this one. I can't put my finger on it. The trailer was amazing. I knew I had to see this thing. I had my enormous popcorn and even larger soda. All was going according to plan. And then a bear showed up... Yes. A bear... interestingly enough the people I went to see this with loved the bear thing. I just couldn't wrap myself around it. What the heck does someone turning into bear have to do with being brave in life. Ok, so the girl needs to be less selfish and follow her mother's dictate. As most children should. I'm with you there. But in the story they seem to promote that when you go out of your way to change your future against the establishment things turn out for the worst. I gotta say, I'm not down with that. If anything, the girl was selfish for involving her mother in her own rebellious attitude, that about the only message I see here... But, a bear? I did feel a couple of emotional moments. These guys know how to get you. They've done it enough times. And there is no doubt that the graphics get better and better. Take a close look at that girl's red hair. I can't imagine animating and rendering that thing. Truth be told, I am yet to come across anyone that felt the movie was below par. Everyone is recommending it, and, actually, so do I. Go see it. You won't be disappointed... I will say, though, this is no Wally. Now, that one, is more like what I expect of Pixar.