Bourne Legacy

Movie Poster

I watched every film in the series before walking myself to the theatre to see this. I purposely wanted to give this a good four-movie review. I was looking forward to it very much. And then, I came to the awful realization that this latest release in the Bourne franchise is not so good at all. Maybe even leaning towards bad. I can't be too committal on my disappointment because I have to admit some scenes where good and I was intrigued. But I couldn't help to feel that this thing wasn't peaking. Am I the only one feeling like this? The guy is just looking to fix his meds. The plot gets going, every one seems super important in their roles, there is a lot of following and a lot of killing, but the thread of the story... not there, right? I reached the end of the film literally asking myself, this can't be it? Is it? Wait! it is!