Santiago Manes Moreno is a film, TV, and commercial director, producer, and writer who was born in Madrid, Spain, and is currently residing in Beverly Hills, California. He has traveled from the jungles of Brazil to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, producing and directing dozens of projects for international clients like Mercedes and Giorgio Armani.

On his journey across the globe, Santiago has amassed extensive business experience and an enviable international list of contacts. A few highlights in the journey are his partnership with Higher Ground, an Entertainment services company in Europe endorsed by UNESCO, and his involvement in the launch of MCUBED3, a production services and consulting company that bridges entertainment and production business with the Asian continent.

During his days in the director's program at the American Film institute, Joel Silver used to call him "a talented guy that never sleeps". And those who know him well always remember him by the tireless quote passed on to him by once writing mentor John Milius. "Never surrender."


Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain (Business and Finance)
Royal Academy of Arts, Photography (Sevilla)
American Film Institute, Film Direction
UCLA, Cinematography
Silicon Studio, Digital Effects Artist and Digital Effects Supervision


MAKiiNA - President & CEO.
     TV and Film Production.
Higher Ground Entertainment - President.
     Commercials, Advertising, Film Production.
Royal Print Publishing - Head of Development.
     Book Publishing.
FeedBack Produciones - Head of Foreign Development.
     Spanish Production Company and Entertainment Consulting in Europe.
MCUBED3 - Head of Operations.
     Production Services and Facilitation in China, Korea, and Japan.


Fastest Female Reality TV Show and Competition (Pilot & Series) – (HD Broadcast)
Love in Retrospect – (35 mm) short film. Los Angeles Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival, Dances With Films Festival, The Yard Festival
Alfred Hitchcock’s Gun – (35 mm) Independent Feature film
Forgotten Land – (35mm) Live and Digital Effects animation sequence for Sony PS2 video game.
High Octane –(Super 16mm) Independent Feature Film
The Hunt – (HD) TV Series. 4 Episodes
Morning – (HD) Miniseries for Vodafone cell phone and portable content network.


Infiniti Automobiles – Short film and commercial for TV and online presence
Mercedes – SL series, “revival” TV Commercials
Lotus – Elise model, Asian market TV Commercials
Crest Whiskey – commercial
Lexus – European GS Model Commercial
Lexus - Escape Spot Korea
Hiroshi Teshigahara Museums – commercial
Giorgio Armani – Billboards, Print and TV Commercials
Nokia – TV Commercials, Sweden
Toyota – MR2 commercial. Various studies on introduction of model.
Toyota – Camry. USA West coast focused market commercial.
Shiseido Beauty Products – Commercials and Print Ads (Japan and Taiwan)
Beverly Feldman Fashion – National Billboards, print ads, commercials
Billabong - Commercial
BMW i experience - Online Spot
Lamborghini - Desert spot
Calvin Klein Men’s – online commercial short film. Print tie-in.
Cartier – TV Spot (Europe). Online catalog, print ads
Carolina Herrera – Spanish commercial campaign and print ads
Maclaren - Promo
Dunlop - Spain TV Spot
Revlon Cosmetics – Asian Point of sales and Online presence
Diesel Jeans Couture – Print Ads. TV Commercial for French, Italian and Japan market
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – TV Commercials and print campaign
Agent Provocateur – Seasonal print and online ads
Intimissimi - Italian spot and print
American Eagle - Italian TV spot and print tie-in
Cut Cute Couture – Campaign design. Print ad, catalog, online and commercial
Sugar and Spice Lingerie - campaign design. Print ad, catalog, online and commercial
Davo Cuban Cigars – print ads
Lara Jewelry – Catalog and Print ads
Jaguar XJ - TV Spot. Online brochure tie-in.
Alfa Romeo - Korean online promo
Vegan Vixens against Pit bull Cruelty – Billboards and Double Spread ads.
Danger Girls toys – print ads.


Elle (US, France, Russia)
Vogue (Japan, Italy, France)
Bazaar, Beauty special issue insert, US
Yoke Magazine (US)
Photo (Italy)
National Geographic (special feature on Forgotten Asian temples)
Cigar Aficionado (US)
Maxim (England, US)
FHM (England)
Stuff Magazine (Taiwan, US)


Le Rouge Rue (Paris, Cannes)
The Loft (Los Angeles, New York)
Shitoshi Hamasaki Galleries (Tokyo, Hong Kong)
Museo Tishen (Madrid)
The Gallery at the United International Conservation for the Arts (New York, London)
Art Corner (Los Angeles)
Photo Impact galleries (Hollywood and Santa Monica)


Traffik “Your Light” – Music Video
Amber/Tiesto “Forgotten” – Music Video for Tiesto’s Stadium Concert
Xhiovanna “White” – Music Videos and Album and promotional photography
Lisa Harriton (All Album related images, marketing, and music videos)
Elizabez “Z” (Music Video. All Album related images)


Galactica – Zoic Studios. Digital Explosions and Particle Effects supervision
Stargate Atlantis – Imageworks. Effects Supervisor and Composite work
Voyager – Digital Muse Studios. Effects supervision and Composite work.
Titanic – Digital Filmworks. On deck synthactors animation
The Shadow – Matte paintings compositing and supervision
Space: Above and Beyond – 3D Animation and Compositing
(Long and extensive list available upon request)

* Published novelist under the pen name of Jonathan Gage (“Diary of A Writer” “Legion” "Emerald Eyes")

* Extensive experience as screenwriter, film editor and Color Timing Artist. References available upon request

-All references listed are highlighted; a complete and more extensive list is also available-